Best SEO companies in Kolkata have led to the overall improvement and enhancement of businesses. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an indispensable service of digital marketing that helps transform a business by increasing the visibility of a brand in search engines. Today, it is of utmost importance that you avail of the services of the best SEO companies in Kolkata to give your business much-needed upliftment.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique the help to optimize your website in such a manner that it ranks higher in search engines. This process is an impeccable way to increase the visibility of your website which will further elevate leads and traffics. SEO helps you to remain at the top of your game by increasing visibility. This function is important if you want to sustain yourself in the market. The best SEO companies in Kolkata make sure to increase the quality of websites by making them user-friendly, faster, and easier. Therefore, it can be said that SEO is also important for the seamless functioning of websites. Hence, make your job easy by connecting with the best SEO companies in Kolkata.  



Technical SEO is concerned entirely with technicality and nothing with the content of the website. The best SEO companies in Kolkata take extra care to get the technical parameters correct in one go. It is the first stage of SEO that includes works like optimum configuration of a website. This process is necessary as the more you make your website friendly for search engine crawlers, the better will be your reach. It is pertinent that you do not make any mistakes with the indexing else it will lead to negative effects. Technical SEO is therefore the most primary process of SEO.


On-page SEO is concerned entirely with the contents of a page. With it, you can optimize your website to make it more user-friendly. On-page SEO is important as it helps provide signals to search engine crawlers so that they can figure out the details of a page. This process involves a gamut of tasks like SEO keywords, title optimization, headers, internal links, image SEO, website structure, and structured data markup. The best SEO companies in Kolkata take into account all these details as proper web page optimization boosts rankings tremendously.


Off-page SEO is the third stage which also involves link building. Whenever a user searches something online, Google algorithms present the most suitable search results by searching their index. Pages that have been optimized well will appear first in the search engines. For this reason, backlinks are very important. To increase links, therefore, good content is of absolute necessity. Naturally, there must be a lot of competition to secure the first position. The best SEO companies in Kolkata make sure that the links come from trusted sites and not from paid links, article directories, and link farms.


The best SEO companies in Kolkata employ mobile SEO which is something created by Google to keep up with the obsession with mobile phones. Since a majority of the searches are conducted over mobile phones these days, Google has created a mobile-first index to index a website’s mobile-friendly versions.


Local SEO serves the purpose of local businesses. Therefore, the best SEO companies in Kolkata use this type of SEO to enhance local businesses.


An E-commerce website is in vogue these days as everyone around the world has switched from physical to digital medium. The best SEO agency in Kolkata helps you with e-commerce website SEO so that you can promote your websites with ease.

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