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Cancellation Policy

Payment & Cancellation Policy

The Client agrees to pay Technogleam in two parts—50% of the agreed upon project cost as advance and rest after completion of the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the project on the live server(demo URL) and before final launching of the site.


Failure to make payments will also subject the client to possible legal action in order for Technogleam to collect on any outstanding balances. Any legal fees incurred by Technogleam may become the responsibility of the Client.

 Cancellation Policy:

If Client pay 50% as advance at the time of project start and after completion of work if he/she don't want to take that project or service at that point of time they have to pay full amount of the project cost with  a “kill fee” (05% of the total estimated project cost) will be paid by The Client.Once payment has been made it will be non-refundable.

Because Technogleam is creating (or working on) a Website for the Client, the Client is liable for paying Technogleam for all work done for the Client, regardless if the client fails to utilize the Website in production.

 Timetable and the Client’s Responsibilities:

Both the Client and Technogleam must abide by the projected timetable unless both parties agree to changes in writing. Email correspondence between the parties constitutes “in writing” for the purposes of this contract.

The Client understands that all projects created by Technogleam will not be available for delivery or pick-up until full and final payments are received for the projects post a successful UAT by the Client. The Client is responsible for adhering to all deadlines set by Technogleam. Any delays in the project schedule by The Client are billable by Technogleam. Technogleam is responsible for informing The Client of all deadlines and the billable amount if the deadline is not met. Similarly, Technogleam shall be responsible to adhere to the mutually agreed upon timeline and for delivering the project within it and a failure in this regard may be subject to possible legal action and readjustment of the final settlement, clearance of dues if any.

 Intellectual Property:

The proposed website’s design, any brands and/or logos created by Technogleam for The Client shall be the absolute property of the Client.