Celebrating 15th Birthday of Google Maps With New Updates

Google introduced a new application to this planet in 2005 and that was Google Maps. After this, we’ve been pushed to our greatest extent on what we can do on a map. From making it more easier to navigate from one location to another, to letting us discover locations nearby us and get them explored.

With over 100 crore people using Google Maps regularly to see and explore the Google Business listing and tourist locations nearby them and also far away from them, we all here are celebrating the 15th birth anniversary of Google Maps with a new look and improvements based on the feedbacks that Google received from us.

So, what’s so exciting about Google Maps’ 15th Birthday?

Right after the birthday, Google Maps can be seen with a new updated both on Android and iOS platforms which have made it easier and fun to explore.

Explore More

You’ll find the information, rankings, opinions and more for about 20 crore locations and businesses around the world in this section, including top restaurants, grocery shops, and a digital marketing company in the area.

More Efficient Communication

Either you are planning to drive for long distances or going to taking public transportation for your communication, you can make sure that you’re on the most efficient route while traveling by using the commute tab.

To get real-time traffic notifications, total time taken and recommendations for alternative routes, you can set up your daily commuting route in this section.

More Listing More Information

From a Website Designing Company to a local fish market, you can get detailed information on every listed business and also a recommendation from the people who have visited the place recently. 

You can access all of these locations in one suitable place, as well as search and arrange plans for the next day and post suggestions based on locations you’ve been before.

More Contribution On Local Knowledge

Every year, lakhs of people contribute information which indirectly helps in keeping Google Maps updated. You can now easily share knowledge about the local area, such as descriptions of roads and addresses, closed businesses, business ratings, and images, with the new Contribute category. Each input helps a lot in making people understand and determine what to do in those places.

Get Trending Updates

You will receive trending notifications and must-see locations from local experts and publishers through the Updates category. Including exploring, saving and posting suggestions with your network, you can also interact with businesses directly to clear your doubts.

More Features Are On The Way

Over the years Google has been working to monetize maps in various ways. Google Maps now shows promotion, Local campaigns, and advertisements for position extensions and we hope that more new features will be introduced soon for user’s convenience.