8 Unknown Facts about the Future of Digital Marketing

Unknown Facts about the Future of Digital Marketing have been come up this year. India, a densely populated country with a 1.3 billion+ population, and West Bengal itself has over 96 million people. There are countless opportunities for the citizens which are generated every second. And when we tell Digital Marketing, then remember that in the coming years the future of Digital Marketing in Siliguri and the reach of Digital Marketing will become brighter.

To maximize scope, everybody wants to market their products and services over the internet. These are some main advantages compared with traditional marketing which makes this marketing strategy more productive and economical.

Here, we have listed down the 8 Unknown Facts about the Future of Digital Marketing

Digital presence is considered as one of the most trusted presence and If your business in online then no one can hold you back.

1.It’s Digital India Now


In India, everyone is preferring Digital Marketing over any other marketing strategy. Even the entrepreneurs launch their company through Digital Marketing. This platform is making every business process easier. The business doesn’t have to implement the manpower to enter the market physically and promote the product.

It offers a broad array of economic, influential, and modern marketing strategies and media. Almost any type of product and service now opts for the Digital Marketing solution, because they know this is the well-known platform. From big IT firms to a small travel agency, everyone is on Digital Marketing.

2.More Advanced and Fast 

The prior traditional marketing collection was confined to door-to-door and voice campaigns. The advertisers have already been using physical energy to promote their products. But now consumers want everything at their hands, with the changing times.

To fulfill customer’s needs that are a top priority for every company, the concept of Digital Marketing Company in Siliguri took off about a couple of years ago. Now that one will search even the slightest thing on the internet. The Digital Marketing strategy is really going crazy with people and advertisers.

3.Global Reach

If your business is Digital, you can reach Global and that’s the truth. One can reach the community of any part of the world through digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The reach of these social networks is so powerful that you can now interact with nearly everyone.

A lot of people are doing business in India or West Bengal, whose target audience is international. So with social media, anything is probable. Most international companies often tend to prepare their social media campaigns with a Digital Marketer.

4.From Big Cities to Small Villages


Metropolitan areas are already part of the digital development, but now that Digital Marketing’s reach is that, cities and towns are also becoming highly connected to digital media and other digital technologies.

Most companies are getting established in small towns and they are meeting the global public through social media.

5.Indian Government’s Initiative

The Government of India has initiated the Digital India project with a mission to turn India into a digitally-driven community and knowledge economy in order to change the entire ecosystem of public services through the use of digital technology.

So, here the Indian Government is supporting you to go digital, then why shall we avoid it! When we have a government that is progressing towards a Digital India, there is no need to worry about failure.

6.More People More Engagement

As more and more people are using social media heavily for everything, the rate of engagement is going higher every day. Consumers want quality content to refresh and get entertained. So the digital marketers have a duty to create interesting content that reaches the consumers easily and keeps them engaged.

Through sharing creative content to social media pages, travel agencies hold their customers connected with them all the time. Their page is all about travel, but they make it so creative and interesting that without engaging with it, one cannot scroll down.

7.Higher Market Revenue

It was also expected that the revenue generated from Digital Marketing will be five times greater than in 2015. The highest estimated revenue in the financial year 2020 will be almost around 23 billion.

In the field of Digital Marketing, all sales will double by 2020. To position yourself in the front seat, thus, all Indian industry has to be connected with Digital Marketing companies to represent the country on the global marketplace.

8.Growth in the number of internet users

259 million people were using the internet in 2015, rising to 331 million in 2017. It has been estimated that by the end of 2022 the number of internet users will be almost double as that of 2017. This is because of the pace at which India is rising in terms of everything, in the coming years; individuals will be heavily dependent on the Web.

It Is Not So Easy As You Think

When it comes to Digital Marketing in India, the spectrum is broader, as it will be the most powerful way of selling in the future. But as the dynamics of Digital Marketing are changing every day, a digital marketer needs to be agile, alert, clever and adapt to the latest changes.

Not only that, today’s and tomorrow’s Digital Marketers would have to predict developments and introduce them faster than the change actually occurs so to make the most from it.